Carneros AVA

Uniquely Carneros

The geography of Los Carneros, on the southern edge of the Napa Valley, has its own distinct beauty. Low, rolling hills slope gently from San Pablo Bay toward the Mayacamas Mountains. In the morning, fog tumbles over the hills and settles in vineyard hollows. In the clear of evening, the lights of San Francisco wink in the distance.

Recognized as an AVA in 1983, Carneros brings the dual influences of cool climate and shallow soils to bear on the wines produced here. The challenging soil and low rainfall keep crop vigor in check, intensifying flavors in the fruit, while the maritime effect extends the growing season, preserving freshness and fineness in the wines.

Extensive research into regional terroir sponsored by the Carneros Wine Alliance reveals that both the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay from Carneros are distinct from those produced in other California wine regions. Acacia wines are crafted to let us hear this unique regional accent.

Estate Vineyards

Acacia is one of the largest landholders in Carneros, and more than 80 percent of our grapes come from our estate vineyards. This gives Winemaker Matthew Glynn complete control over farming and harvesting protocols. Acacia also has several long-term relationships with historic properties for our single-vineyard wine series.


Carneros is in the southernmost part of the Napa Valley. Due to its proximity to the San Pablo Bay, Carneros experiences the coolest temperatures in the valley. Morning fog and mist, combined with fierce, persistent afternoon winds, encourage the grapevines to struggle.